Hey Nerds, my name is DJ or Drew J and this is my new personal branded blog. As a student, I am required to write blogs on the weekly for the entirety of my time here. Sure that, to some, could prove daunting but to be honest it is something I need to start now anyway. You see, I have always been fascinated with the success of vlogger and blogger news channels on websites like Youtube and Facebook. People like Phillip DeFranco and Hassan Piker are heroes to me, for both their ability to produce quality informative content and their business based frame of mind. My future almost certainly lies in the online news/content creation.

So then a quick introduction of all things DJ, I have a keen interest in politics, both here in Australia and abroad, a deep and uncontrollable love of both video and board games, and often find myself writing, which is fine as it is something I’m highly passionate about. Personally, I think I’ve achieved a decent chunk of stuff in my short 18 years of existence, stuff like not getting my license to the last possible minute and working through every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of my high school. what I’m getting at is that personally, I don’t have a metric shit tonne of social experience but luckily, this is the internet and as my father always says I can ‘fake it ’til I make it’.

I come from Canberra, the City of Bin Birds and Civil Servants, and yes I am definitely a city boy, I love the great indoors and the vast valleys of my fridge, often trekking there from the comfort of my desk or bed. I also worked at a local ‘Grill’d Healthy Burger Resturant’, to which I attribute many of my life lessons like if you eat something enough because it’s free, you will eventually begin to hate it. How does one hate a burger you ask, quite passionately is the answer.

Also, in relation to the old life in Canberra, I attended the infamous S Edmund’s College, a school known for its rugby player exports and evolving arts program, neither of which I really threw myself into, I mean sure I played rugby but it was only for a couple years and always in the ‘Thirsty Thirds’ with my mates. I was, in my completely humble opinion, a pretty studious kid. My friends would hand in their assignments on the due date, but I,  an intellectual, would hand in a draft… an hour before.

This is clearly an important task but that doesn’t mean I cant have fun with it, and I intend to make it hilarious, without sacrificing serious and critical content. Further along the line, I hope to add a vlog to an attached Youtube channel.  Hopefully you, the Nerds of my audience and I, DJ the glorious creator can have conversations over social media about the topics I cover in my blog posts.

Your On True Memelord, DJ

Up until you lose, your’e winning- Scarra