Being part of an audience is, in my opinion, less of an emotional experience but a practical part of the common person’s everyday schedule, at least in the news and press sectors. The emotions presented by media are there to be analyzed and broken down not some much to be felt, to change the current state of mind of the individual but to present easy to digest issues and high priority opinions surrounding it. That is not to say that audiences cannot feel something when in the moment, I mean ask anyone who’s watched Marley and Me, spoiler alert they produced more tears than I did when Firefly was canceled. Here we see the difference between two types of media, agenda based and entertainment based.

Private news corporations are often are associated with a particular political ideology, the most well-known example being FOX NEWS and their arguable inclination to the Republican party in America. in this situation, their primary purpose is to convince their audience that a certain position on a subject is true eg the Cliven Bundy situation back in early 2014. I watched this coverage and was justifiably astounded and sure, that is technically an emotion, but it came from my sense of conflict that comes with being an audience member, you are meant to agree or disagree that is the consequence of agenda based media.

Alternatively, and often a more enjoyable experience, entertainment media, like TV shows and movies grow in their audience a sense of attachment to characters, like in my crippling case, Sam And Dean from Supernatural. Emotions range based on the story, characters, and level of investment, like, again in the case of my crippling Supernatural addiction it I become tense if an episode finishes on a cliffhanger or if a character I like has died I get sad. We are meant to feel invested otherwise the TV shows and Movies don’t profit and hence have no reason to be made in the first place.

Being part of an audience is a commitment to oneself, meaning that you have to be informed as to what type of media you are being presented, and gauge our reactions accordingly. For example, every weekday I watch the Philip Defranco Show with breakfast, I am not particularly invested in the information presented, personally, I’m more invested in breakfast, but I become more informed about current world events. I’m not emotional about the information, I don’t feel anything particularly deep when I’m told about more Trump Tweets or the newest iPhone. This is due to desensitization, specifically to the modern social agenda based news. As a Global Audience, we don’t react to the news we digest it, but to entertainment we react rather than digest, allowing for things like suspension of disbelief and logical thinking

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