In the early days of my University journey, my friends back in Canberra expressed an interest in creating a YouTube channel, essentially a place to post stupid and awesome moments whilst playing video games. I saw this as an opportunity, because if I’m honest , I saw a a bunch of guys about to go into a gap year without anything better to do. I saw a potential workforce. Maybe that sounds a bit sinister but I want to clarify, there is nothing these guys are doing that I myself don’t contribute to. So was borne the unnamed brand, backed by half a dozen teenagers and supported by a rough idea in my head. After almost half a year of nothing the Digital Artefact assignment in BCM 114 propelled me into action, the first step: giving the brand a face, a step that was more for the employees than our non-existence audience. Giving it a face was a longer process than expected and it went through a brutal screening process, in which both my partners and I made potential Names and Icons and then sent them to the most cruel and straight forward testing demographic we could find: my teenage sister and her friends. After going through, and I’m not kidding here, triple digits attempts we came out with the symbol above. The Arkon Agency was created, based on the onscreen name of our main host, myself who will feature in most if not all of our early content.

Next up was communication pathways. We needed a way to communicate. To some this would be an unnecessary step, teenagers have ways to talk to each other in the thousands. However i felt that a dedicated forum would further push my team into the mindset i required of them. It has worked spectacularly, due to the product called Discord. A free talk room program discord is used often by video gamer to talk whilst playing. I formed a personal channel and they have been using it since, its existence often prompting them to ask about the brands progress as i pull it through its early development stage. Along with a messenger group chat we had incredibly effective comms.

mfgvnibduewihvujenvsdlkvneAlthough still in its early stages this DA has immense potential that i hope to nurture into a Gen Z people power business.

Twitter: @DrewJon01150582