After successfully implementing communication pathways and giving my teams organization/brand a face we needed a new direction. As a group we had decided to be like chefs as it were, in the sense that we would prepare everything we needed before beginning the process of generating actual video content.

So the next step: Scheduling

Not the most glamorous step but an overall key one. If my team doesn’t know what it is we are generating and when it needs to be generated how will they accomplish anything. We decided on a weekly video production rate until it could blossom into more. Taking into consideration resources and so on we decided that time wise it was the smartest decision. So what would our weekly video contain. Due to the amount of footage we could compile simply by streaming we decided that we could splice together 15 to 10 min video with a humor tone and enjoyable sound track.


With a basic schedule generated we could begin preparing for our beat launch by generating in house test videos. The next step will be to look toward the future and create a image for the future.

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