Looking to the future: personally i find that this step is the hardest. While it is true we are still working on our beta launch i feel that without long term visions our brand will fade into just a hobby or weekend activity. I have three key ideas that I believe will catapult my teams drive into. well overdrive.


T-shirts, bags, mouse pads and general apparel all covered in Arkon Agency slogans, memorable moments and iconography. This is an important part of the plan for two reasons, the first being funding. Contrary to popular belief YouTube does not give out thousands of dollars to creators, advertisers do, so until we can confirm some of them we need another potential way to fund the brand. People who watch us may be inclined to purchase our patented stuff like anyone who wants to be associated to a popular brand. The second reason is to be identified and it leads into my second point.eirgfuyrfvb

Loyalty Programs:

A loyalty program that allows for extra content to be access, limited edition merch, meet up opportunities and give away’s for the price of a membership will be another way we interact with our potential audience. This will be done through my third idea.dkfbwvc.png

Independent Website/Patreon:

A private server will allow us to circumnavigate some of the rules placed by YouTube in order to better reach our target audience (flush with cash 17-25 year olds). A Patreon page to help again with funding and to really give the organisation a sense of purpose with public support and backers.


Twitter: @DrewJon01150582