It is crunch time guys, BETA presentation week is looming and it has become painfully clear I shot too high. Feedback from my initial presentation predicted this, it stated I was doing too much to fit into a TINY project. Alas I, the eighteen-year-old 1st year new better and pushed on ahead, collecting video content from various sources.

So what’s a guy to do, drop his potentially fruitful project for some easy looking half blog thing… nah I don’t think so. I have decided that the BETA presentation will be on my management of the discord, specifically how we have used it to share content and videos so all of us potentially have something to post on our individual social accounts. We have content for the following games:

  • League of Legends*
  • CS:GO
  • Fortnite
  • Cal of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta
  • Stick Fight

So how do I generate a presentation that highlights the cohesiveness of the Discord channel and justifies it as my digital artifact? Well first off I plan on rigorously breaking down its various purposes, to serve as a base of operation online, i.e the boys will call me on discord and ill join the private channel if they have a legit concern or have found a limited time opportunity.

I will also be laying out what it will be used for in the immediate future. Recently Riot Games the creators of our primary content LoL* come out and announced that they were opening the gates to a Content Partner Program, something that my team saw and subsequently had to pick bits of our excited exploded heads off the floor.

Now it has some conditions but we have been discussing them as a group and believe that as long as we begin posing once every week over the uni break and keep it up we can hit those goals by Christmas or Late January at the worst.uehfuhefufhuhuhuheufh