My Discord channel, the one I worked all year to generate, refine and manage is ultimately a failure. How, you ask? I’ll tell you. My whole project was based on the thinking that through careful manipulation and micro benefits i could persuade a group of my friends who didn’t work or attend tertiary education to generate some online content. In the end my video file remains empty of contributions besides my own, a final testament to the efforts of an unpaid work force.

No matter what I offered, within the constrictions of FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) of course, they couldn’t use the space I had created properly if at all. During the most of the year it became a space for them to throe their edgiest memes that went well beyond the realm of appropriate, it became a game to them to see if they could make it almost impossible for me to take screenshots of the discord or make it presentable in any way. Eventually I caved to the understanding that my team was unreliable because I had nothing for them, besides, of course my wish to enter into partnership programs with some of the games we where attempting to stream and record, something I still hope to encounter.

So, in the last three weeks, the Arkon Discord became a viewing party hangout for my team to watch the League of Legends Finals Competition, Worlds in Korea. This actually ended up being pretty funny, resulting in a couple recordings of my team and i reacting to the fact that for the first time in 11 years all the Korean teams where wiped from the tournament, by western teams like Cloud 9 no less. Their was some crying ill admit.

I see now that by making it a business idea instead of a hangout i crippled my own Digital Artefact. I should have done something else, maybe a podcast of me and my friends acting as discount shout casters, making predictions and managing our Pick’Ems for fun, not potential profit.

Lesson learned I guess, let this be a warning for future BCM 114 DA students, unless you can get a team of like minded and CONTINUALLY motivated people, work smaller than any of your initial ideas.

Here is and empty Discord channel to show off how much i had to delete in regards to inappropriate memes!