Welcome Back

Hi, and welcome back to The Arkon Agency, the blog site in which the journey of one Media Student from UOW are chronicled through the variety of online assignments that require somewhere to post. Yet again this session, I have an opportunity to pick a self-made project and post that shit here. 

Last year I failed to produce anything significant and there are about six posts on this very site about why that happened, quick tip for any of my fellow BCM 112’ers out there reading this; if you work with a group don’t expect them to do anything if you are not paying them.

But that’s all in the past as this year I have developed a solo project idea slash concept that I can work on alone and with vigor. Today I begin work on what I’m calling Project Nowhere, in which I will begin to write and post regular chapters in an original, serialized,  narrative every single week. Each ‘chapter’ will in reality span at least 4000 words each and will describe the adventures of… whomever the public decides. My first post will be larger overall but will contain snippets from three different stories, which I will then post to Reddit and inquire into which one they like the best.

From here I will begin a regular posting calendar, referring back to Reddit in search of criticism to improve. Each chapter will be followed by a breakdown blog post much like this one where I describe, briefly the process for the week, any difficulties and my subsequent or projected solutions.

Anyway, that’s my general plan atm let me know what y’all think.

Drew Jones, Arkon Agency Media Director