efowijfoiwjfo And so the process begins. Online Presence, Project Pitch and the actual physical beginning of the writing of the narratives to be featured in my Digital Artefact are all being kicked into high gear as the first of my due dates start racing towards the present. In short, my plans are currently on track, I have one and a half of the three draft narratives written and in the final draft stage pre-Reddit posting. These stories are, in my opinion pretty exciting, with one featuring the misadventures of a half-orc in the shady, fantasy city of Vaapolis, while the other is a coming of age story for an immortal vampire who rises from wallowing in vice and addiction to becoming the King of Crows and Lord of Ravens. If it isn’t already obvious I have a massive addiction of my own and that’s to fantasy Role Playing Games like Dungeons and Dragons, and I draw my inspiration from the games I am currently involved in within my University of Wollongong DND Club meetings.  With the stress’ of the Project pitch coming up, it is important that I get a draft post or two up and running.shfwyf