So welcome back,

Things understandably slowed down since the conception of my Digital Artefact Idea. This is due to a combination of slight writer’s block as I just can’t seem to churn out a final idea to post to Reddit and the more cautious approach to the digital artefact I wish to take this time around. Considering the weekly topics of ‘the medium is the message’ and the concepts presented in ‘Glitch’ Week I also sought ways to apply them to my assignment.

But that will all end soon as, just through writing this, I have figured out my final chapter concept, (Jungle Nazi Cyberpunk, during the Vietnam War if anyone was interested) and the ideas presented this week clarified my work for me in some surprising ways. When viewing the glitch content, it came to me that my work doesn’t need to be traditionally good, something that I have self-expected of my writing before, because the internet has its own sense of everything. Comedy is different in an online landscape, as is horror, and even what counts as a ‘good ending’ comment threads could easily twist your version of something into the exact opposite in a conversation about ethics and perspective.

So, overall week two has been one of clarification and speaking of which to clarify my first post was postponed till this week and I plan on posting on a Sunday.matej eats a brger