The Concept of meme warfare doesn’t scare me.

It excites me.

Sure ethically influencing individuals and eventually whole audiences through skewed campaigns, like that presented in week one revolving around Hillary Clinton and the potential for women based war with Russia, are questionable. I prefer to consider it from a personal point of view. We are students of this field we are the future experts in the single most prominent field for everything from corporate espionage to political campaigns. I see the open problem vs closed problem theory and I think “Well good thing I will be trained to work for the provider”.

In away the term Meme Warfare is almost too poetic. We are in a way the perfect soldier for the modern world. Look at a quote from the lecture ” a Many to many processes of content ideation, production, distribution, and sales with LOW RISK OF FAILURE and NO FILTER for participation and quality.” We deal in conflicts, just ones without violence, advertising campaigns, and political attacks and we carry ZERO consequence when done right, with a low risk of failure. Of course, we also have a low risk of large scale victory, the internet is the biggest virtual space imaginable and all but this is sci-fi level stuff, we are the corporate any and all issues outside the product, and even when the product is what we sell, whether that’s a physical thing like a can of drink or an idea like who should lead the country.