We have spoken in class a significant amount about association chains and by extension ‘starter packs’ and that helped a lot when I listened to the breakdown of FRAMING and its inevitability in the media world. the frame, in a nutshell, is what a story is about, its intended moral or overall message, that impacts the storyline of actual events.

It makes sense, I have always known that media and communication was about strategically placing the events of the day in a way that best displays a particular school of thought. We are in the business of White Lying about the truth from our point of view.

The example in the slides of the ‘Cold War’ seemed a bit extreme to me, effective but extreme. A more modern example would be Media bias or even The Difference in storyline provided by the governments of the West vs that of North Korea.

The Art of Copying being officially classified in the lecture as a meme seemed hilarious. Part of a memes appeal is how someone has changed it, but still left the original vibe making it relatable in the sense that the view has seen a version already and relatable in its unique sense.