Yo, what’s up homies!

So this is the video of my Digital Artefact Beta pitch. For those who don’t really feel like listening to me talk for like four whole minutes here’s the TLDR: Turns out I picked just about the worst possible thing I could have done. After around two weeks of receiving ‘feedback’ my morale and drive to create more and more content literally fell apart like James Charles chances at winning a Streamy.

I’m not hyper-present on Social media like I have accounts but I don’t post for attention, in no way can anyone describe me as a personality. So I’m not used to a wave of negative comments aimed at me. I can say confidently that not a single person on Reddit had a single nice thing to say or even a small redeeming comment.

I kind of wallowed in the feeling of defeat for a bit (say two weeks) and lost the drive to write more chapters, but in the end, I have content that I will patch together for a single massive story piece to be posted on the Due date of the Digital Artefact.

I have learnt quite a bit from this experience and my Digital Artefact has massively evolved from it was originally. I cannot stress how overall negative the feedback for this DA was and in a way, I think that in itself was a massive learning opportunity.