This weeks lecture featured many legal concepts Like DRM (Digital Rights Management), Copyright Protocol and Fair use. After hearing these processes and their consequences I looked back to some of my most watched content creators. Like most young adults my sense of humour and thus my viewing habits are based around the relatability of the content, something that is hard to do without including items I have to assume are protected by some form of copyright or Intellectual property law.

For example, let’s look to the MISFITS, a group of American, Australian and New Zealand based gamers who stream and record their experiences online and post them. What strikes me is that they all post videos sometimes featuring moments for the same games and the same jokes. Each member involved has a very real option to attempt to copyright strike the others for that moment and yet it has never happened. I could feed you some shit about how they are friends but in reality, it is probably due to the profitability that their group has as a whole.

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So in this example, we have less of an analyse of the Intellectual Property system but instead, get a modern and real world example of a fair use system that works and generates profits.