I have been playing video games since I could move, that’s a fact. When I was very young my father opened an Internet Cafe: The Nexus. The Nexus would not survive for an incredibly long period of time but it was in my life for many of my formative years. As I spent a lot of time there I became well known to the regular customers which were primarily made up of World of Warcraft players, specifically the AOB Guild. I spent a lot of time leveling accounts, doing fetch quests and testing DOTA mods for a CHOMP ar or some other small payment.

I was five years old when I experienced my first Game Media related event, and to this day it interests me an influences my way of thinking. The Corrupted Blood Plague. The One Week Plague.

After Blizzard messed up The Hakkar boss fight a highly contagious debuff spread amongst the WoW community. To high-level players, it was a pain to deal with but too low-level players infected with the corrupted blood would be almost immediately killed.

As much of my time at the store was spent leveling low-level accounts for regulars it was I who first dealt with this issue. I had a very panicked series of hours were all I could do was die.

Nowadays issues like the corrupted blood incident can be hot fixed in an hour but the idea that a simple damage debuff can fundamentally change the way a meta is played has changed how I view games and media in general. There is always a tiny cog somewhere in the background that if broken could bring the whole thing down.

The persona of Arkon is a brand name, one of a couple that my team and I use to appear online as part of the Arkon Agency our media team. I appear as Arkon (ArkonLive/ TheOnlyArkon) alongside Voila, DJ Haboud, Jago Dragon, Snowpeas and McStruggle as we generate somewhat comedic somewhat professional gaming content on games like League of Legends, Overwatch and other multiplayer games. We also do Gameplay walkthroughs and guides.