Welcome back guys, Arkon here again with yet another Digital Artefact pitch. Getting better with age, this process is like a fine wine. Today I’m introducing ‘A Nervous Twitch’, my investigation into the Affiliate Program and the first step on the road to becoming a full-time twitch partner.

Several factors have influenced my decision to pitch this as this session’s DA, beyond the obvious interest in the general field. A recent event actually triggered my rush to get onto the scene. That event has a name and his name is NINJA. After his big announcement that he was jumping ship to join Microsoft MIXER, it is my belief that Twitch will be not only attempting to lock down their other big names such as Dr. Disrespect and TFue, but will be looking for the up and comers in the community. They may also bring the so-called  Partnership Contracts MIXER is said to have provided Ninja, making streaming a safer and more viable full-time job overall.

These are elements I will be exploring over the weeks in a journalistic blog I will use to keep the squad updated. Accompanying those blogs will hopefully be a couple highlight videos from the stream.

A quick shout out to my fellow Arkon Agency members helping me out with content for the stream; Viola, DJ Haboud, Mcstruggle, Jago Dragon, Snowpeas and Chester. (I’ve missed some but will update at some point).

The first item on the ArkonLive stream agenda is to lock down regular streaming times, and content. The games I will be playing include:

  • League of Legends (Flex and Solo Queue)
  • Overwatch (Climb out of Elo Hell)
  • A Greedfall Walkthrough in September
  • Magic: The Gathering Arena (Ranked Grind- Theme Builder)

Bibliography: (Early days still working on sources but here are the ones I will definitely be using)

The Gamer Motivational Profile By Nick Yee

Exploring Cyberbullying and Other Toxic Behaviors in Team Competition Online by Haewoon Kwak, Jeremy Blackburn, and Seungyeop Han

The Impacts of live streaming and Twitch.tv on the video game industry by Mark R Johnson

MargikarpUsedFly’s Documentary on Streaming

The Score esports Streamer episodes and deep dives (Pokimane and Dyrus)