I almost never attend the movies, not because I don’t enjoy the experience but purely due to lack of resources, as a self-sufficient uni student I find that a luxury expense like that is a definite no go.

I, do however watch movies al the time. I call it my home cinema experience. I have a ritual and following it to the letter allows for an experience I believe transcends the typical experience.

Firstly, a comfortable spot and a laptop are needed, Netflix and food is secondary but still needed. I often watch media alone but do enjoy a good group movie night with my mates every month or so when i head back down to Canberra. Whats interesting about that particular situation is that my friends have wildly different movie preferences, from war and historical to sci-fi and fantasy which makes for an interesting debate before hand to decide what we are watching. We never go to an actual cinema instead heading to our mate Lachlan’s house.  It’s simple and easy to accomplish but it is how I do it. I don’t pirate movies but I try to keep on top of popular movies.

The reason I believe this is a valid cinema experience stems from the social nature of the viewing experience, as often times it will either be my roommate and I or even my mates when they visit from Canberra. the togetherness of the event is what solidifies this as a Cinema experience, perhaps not in a historical sense but certainly in a social personal sense.

The sharing of the previously mentioned food and the detached sense of close community are key factors in the level of success a cinema experience can have.

I understand I miss out on the stereotypical experiences, such as the smell of popcorn and the chill of the theater but it is my own personal touches like the presence of sushi and the purring of my cat. It is these same personal touches that

Now moving on there are a couple of comparisons to be made to Torsten’s three constraints:

  • Capability
  • Coupling
  • Authority

One of the key reasons I chose to experience home cinema is due to my inability to meet the base requirements outlined by the constraints needed to attend an actual cinema.

My obsessive saving and overall frugal nature is to blame for this as my lack of available funds acts as a capability and coupling constraint as I cannot attend the cinema without the funds needed and I physically cannot work the hours needed to earn the money without sacrificing the time needed to attend the cinema in the first place.

Authority constraints in the situation also surround fund requirement but also do with the need to park and the almost certainly illegal nature of the parking that all Woolongong divers take the risk of each day.

Today’s modern cinema is certainly viable, that is demonstrated by the continued existence of places like Hollywood and Bollywood, but to certain demographics like the modern student, I believe it is to be considered absolutely as a luxury, something to be enjoyed either with a social group, family or potentially as a stress relief outlet.