The Three Pitches i covered were:

  • A Bear in There – Evolution of Board Games: Digital vs Analog by Isabella Joannou
  • Sarah’s Blog – Female Characters in Video Games = Equality? By Sarah Holiday
  • My Blog (a Blog) – Loot Boxes: “Surprise Mechanics” or Exploitative Tricks by Jesse Heslehurst (substituted for someone else who had not done their pitch)

Overall all three pitches were incredibly comprehensive and well thought out. I attempted to provide them with at least one large resource i felt would assist them in their future study of their topics. One theme began to present itself as I did this though and it is that theme I wish to reflect on.

Isabella’s pitch focused on Board games and their digital future, something i agreed was a great comment, providing a generic but direct source to a Top ten by Stonemaier Games that listed reasons why they were resurfacing. I then suggest she investigate the digital future of more complicated games then Monopoly and Cluedo, the idea being that due to their potion as a staple board game universally known and loved perhaps it would have a smoother transition, and thus a skewed result in her research.

Sarah was investigating Femine representation in games, and despite a couple clarifying issues, I felt she had a solid grasp of her chosen topic, one I am keen to learn from as I don’t pretend to know much about feminism in games. I’ll return her post in a moment but quickly on to Jesse.

Jesse’s pitch also had clear cut ideas, and they were well executed, in both the blog and vlog. I linked him a article on the legal status of Loot boxes and their potential future as a gambling object.

It is here that the aforementioned theme reappears. In all three pitches the bloggers had taken the FIST design slightly too far in my opinion. Their ideas where simple, and easy to understand but the scope had almost been too refined, if they had been thesis questions, all three could have elicited one word answers.

The language used had cut off certain avenues of study, for example, Sarah’s post only refereed to Playable Female Characters. I thought this really hindered her pitch as some of the best and worst fair representations of women in games are non-player characters, as such I linked her Femhypes blog and her recount of Morrigan effect on Dragon Age Origin Players.

I feel that my comments could potential just be personal expectations, I want my DA to be both simple but deep if that makes sense.

Either way I hope to get some good feedback soon!