Media Reflections

This week we have been asked to reflect on our personal media use within our home. This is pretty easy for me as I live at Kooloobong Village, meaning I have like three square meters of room. Incredibly realistic and emotionally scarring jokes aside, i have several key media points in my home that i wish to discuss in this post.

Communication Hub

Like most young adults I suck at communicating social intention: planning events, meeting up that sort of thing goes right pat me but not when I’m at my Communication Hub, otherwise known as my bed. I don’t know what about being half asleep clarifies how to communicate but when I combine my bed, horizontal positioning and my phone, i can get anyone to do anything, I have planned everything from events to to four day trips with mates to cities that none of us can afford to get to in the first place. My phone is a multi-tool sure but its the mentality of the space in which I use it that changes it level of effectiveness.

Study/Social Hub

I a nerd, its true and I wont deny it. I study a lot, despite not have traditional exams in my degree for the most part, I still devote time to my Digital Artifacts and blog, less so in the last couple months but we will fix that. I complete all this from the safety of my desk chair in-front of my Personal Computer, a 4 year old custom build GM Storm. My computer is getting old now and thus is a little unreliable but i reckon with a bit of tweak it will be back to full performance. At this point in time it is at peak performance though and as such halts me from doing certain thing. such as implementing high quality video software. I use this space to talk and hang out with my Canberra mates and complete homework primarily.


These two primary media sources, my PC and my phone, often work in tandem, using a combination of messenger and my printer to transport documents, homework and other components of my life here at UOW.