Lets go over some of the more details of my Beta stage Stream. I want to touch on three major points with a tangent in there somewhere as well. First things first lets check on the actual progress on the Affiliate Program as seen below.


This is refreshed every thirty days and as such its a bit of a race against time. Even so I can easily acquire the hours needed each time, the major problem I have at the moment is the Follower goal and the average viewers problem. To counter this I make sure to get my friends to host me, meaning that my stream plays on their channel when they are not streaming. In order to improve on these issues lets take a look at an less than average stream and see what could be improved.

awdawda.PNGSo this single stream wasn’t very long, it was really early for some reason. I was my only viewer. This points to an issue with scheduling, Clearly my Night Owl style of living doesn’t mesh with casual streaming, but as of recently I had forgotten that their is a niche for everything, thus one of my new goals is to somehow break into a sort of Late Night market for streamers.

Secondly I want to talk about attitude, something I am analyzing as part of the comparative essay. I am not a great socializer, but streaming has really made it easier for me to speak ‘st’ someone which sounds bad but really isn’t: a streamers audience doesn’t always even exist yet so its a good thing to talk to one’s self a bit. This change is evident in my video above, sure its a little under scripted but that is my point, streaming needs planning, when what and where but the act of streaming itself needs a little more flow and free form to be watchable.

So quickly, my analytical frameworks can be derived fro these paragraphs, Viewership, Attitude/Mentality, Quality. I am also supplementing my understanding of streaming by analysis its spiritual progenitor, Machinima and their series Red vs Blue and RWBY, learning what features of entertainment work on these platforms and implementing them.

Alright that is it from me below will be some of the sources im looking at for my Essay Thanks and Ill see you at the stream. Be sure to check out the ELON one as it is what im basing a lot of my thoughts on!

Make Sure to Tune in: https://www.twitch.tv/theonlyarkon