As part of the Beta process I reviewed three projects, each one had a clear understanding of the final product they were attempting to curate. I will be going over my comments in relation to how effective I believe them to have been in an assisting sense.

The first project I analysed was Jack Kelly’s research into the preference of gamers when it comes to physical or digital copies games. I had a personal opinion on this research, believing that physical games are on their last legs, but he made some decent points, including the pre order exclusives like POP figures you can receive with physical games. I felt he dodged some important features of his own research and expressed as much, such as the environmental impact but more importantly his confusing decision to avoid polling people who I described as hybrid buyers, people who purchased both physical and digital. I felt this was alienation of a large portion of a potential audience and informed him that perhaps that wasn’t the best play. His Beta itself seemed to be progress on a series of polls for first hand evidence for his upcoming blog posts. I felt that this advice would improve his scope, not broaden it so much as to blur his purpose but simply add an aspect to his DA.

The second was Li Qinrui’s whose analysis of Food in Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild was a revamped restructured version of her DA rather than a continuation of her original pitch. Her Beta was based around fully understanding the analytical framework process, which I encouraged. I linked her an example of participatory media in the form of a Binging with Babish episode featuring BOTW food.

Finally I watched and read Jason Miller’s Beta. His was quite well constructed especially considering he planned and executed a wedding during the last couple weeks. His streaming idea on the morality of in game decisions was awesome and I supplemented it with the linking of the Pale Blood a truly original lore based narrative made by a redditor of his chosen game Blood Borne that analyses the ideas and decisions made in game.

Overall I god pretty lucky as the projects I was reviewing were on the whole quite well constructed, one overall compliant was that besides Li’s Zelda Foods, the other two didn’t explicitly name their analytical framework. I expressed that this was a crucial step outlined by the rubric and felt that they only benefited by a sentence or two explaining it.

Other than that I didn’t really have much else to offer them, I felt my comments focused on encouraging their projects in simple concise ways, add what links I felt could act as effective evidence.

That’s me make sure to check out my Beta here: