Hey there again guys, We are back in business! So a lot has changed since the pitch, we have completely changed our vision of the Digital Artefact final product, Ideaited that new product on stream to a live community of exactly five people I know by name and produced two brain numbingly dense Lore documents to assist the members of my still evolving DA.

We have shifted from a short story format/ creative writing concept inspired by the dnd game I run for my friends to simply a podcast/Youtube/Stream of the Dnd game itself. This cutting out of the middle man is explored in my Video accompaniment so ill focus on what I haven’t put in that.

The major factors I avoided in the video was Target Audience and Demographics. This is mostly due to the confusion I feel on this topic. The Online Dnd community is a splintered, frankly hostile place. Don’t get me wrong there are often great accepting groups again I would reference the Critters of the Critical Role Community. But Dnd is at its core a game that no one can really agree on the set rules, and as such, there is a heated debate on the topic.

I believe that just posting my opening session on the critters forums or other dnd groups forums may promote a negative response so my current plan is to throw up a generalized expression of interest on my various accounts then post them there and respond to the interest with links.

Either way, I am personally feeling much more confident with this version of my DA as I feel like it better encapsulates the ideas surrounding FEFO and FIST.