Hey guys, here is some content that will be used as both the intro to my D&d campaign and the backdrop the players are using to build their characters!

History of the Fading Realm- The Exodus War


The Fading Realm was not always known as such, Once during its first dozen millennium it was a realm of high magic and a million gods, but for reasons the mortal inhabitants have yet to understand the gods and primordial magic entities began to leave. This had no immediate affect on the realm and for several more millennia the world went on, that is until number of Gods and Entities dwindled to only a number of Ten. Four of the Gods decided that the realm was no longer suitable for them, the issue for them was that if any more left the remaining gods would be trapped in a dying realm, one with without enough primodial power to keep it from fading.

So began the Exodus Wars, a three hundred year war in


which the four Fleeing Lords came together and created an army of Harsh Light Seraphim or as the population grew to call them The Dwellers, monsters forged of Celestial, Infernal and Pure Elemental energy. The Exodus War waged of the twin continents within the realm, whole wars being waged in valleys and fields, armies of Dwellers bearing down upon the cities of the Old World Nations, the first to fall being the home of the Goat Folk, Crumbell, now known as The Remains. The death

 and destruction fueled the power of the Fleeing Lords and they managed to begin the process of leaving by generating a portal high above the Island now Known as Magebane. The remaining gods banded together, pushing the leader of the Indgoth Nation to Unite the mortals of the Realm. High King Vance Nite of Indgoth, did manage to bring the nations of the world together, and led a final assult on the defended by the Dwellers and semi-manifested forms of some of the Fleeing Lords  portal on Magebane.

The Heroes of the Exodus War’s were born, the heroes who were chosen to weild the Shards of Nite, weapons forged by the gods who where staying. Along with the High King, the other heroes were the Pack-King Klaw Vernor the king of the All Forest and a trusted Seeker (Private Intelligence Gathering Organisation) or both kings, Rathian Murdoch. Both the Kings died in a final stand of epic proportions as their nations watched on through divination veiwing groups, and colappsed the portal, from which debris fell, burying the remaing Dwellers and the two kings under it.

The Fading Realms existence stabilized as the Fleein

g Lords where ripped apart by the collapsing portal, allowing the realm to permanently absorb their power. It was at this time the The Locked Alliance was formed, between the Ingoth Nation, The All Forest, and The Swamp of Swix. The High King’s daughter Qunass, inherited his throne, similarly the Pack-King’s Son Quatier Vernor ascended to the head position in the Crowned City and took up his post skirmishing with the rising Military Nations of The Kiliskian Valley and the Shattered Empire.



History of the Fading Realm- The Indgoth Civil War, The Invasion of the Promise Keepers/ The Sovreign Faith

After the Exodus war Qunass the Ranger Queen was introduced as the new Leader of the Indgothian Continent, and it soon became clear that she was going to be making changes. Her father had always been a stark agnostic, understanding that the gods existed and respecting their power but never truly worshiping any single one. Worship in Indgoth is free of any god, but extremism is monitored. As a result the majority religion of the Sovereign Faith grew in social power and elves, the original practitioners, in particular had certain social advantages, they got better jobs, and that lead to private schools and whole districts. Once Qunass took over she began relaxing the ideas that allowed this inequality, Her Throne Keeper Helios and herself would be seen in public providing support to all demographics evenly, all this whilst she completed training with the elite organisation known as the Seekers, who had been her fathers master spy’s. As a result of her actions, many elves and worshipers of the sovereign faith who were associated lost a small amount of power, suddenly unable to finance their many private organisation. A well known elf community leader and fundamental practitioner of the Sovereign Faith, Venus Vipervine a knight of the Indgoth army, suddenly launched a rebellion campaign, somehow incredibly well financed and organized. They dealt damage to the Queens peace by engaging in guerrilla warfare burning villages. Qunass sen

t her general, Sir Warren Irista, an elf of immense strength, to engage the rebellion known as the Promise Kept at Hellion Hill a small mountain that blocks the only path to mass of land slightly away from the main continent.

Shockingly Sir Warren turned on his own forces forcing them to retreat and announced himself as a the Genera

l of the Lythen Woods Army, the rebels main military force, and that he was loyal to Venus Vipervine.

At the moment, Qunass has held them at bay with the Lythen Point and behind the Keep of Nite/ The Hellion Hill. She herelf is in talks with the Swamp of Swix leadership, King Conda for military support. During this whole debacle the creeping presence of the Shattered Empire in the form of the Jagged Colonies and the ambition of the Broken Herald Kit’oth Darkoath.


Modern History

The Fading Realm is not what it once was since we have last visited it. Much has happened, many events have changed the face of the Fading Realm, or more accurately returned them to their ancient and original planar state.

The Throne Keeper Helios, a Gold Elf of the Court of Indgoth and closest advisor to the young Ranger Queen Quinass, turned out to be The Leader of an evil cult known as the Malicious, who made a deal with the lord of a new species of demon, The Hellion King Belial. Helios unleashed Belial’s

Lords of Sin upon the world, almost provoking war with the super nations of the world and beginning the incident known as the Spite Plague a magical sickness that made rage a palpable magical force within individuals and drove them mad.

But the betrayals where not over yet as Helios stabbed even the Hellion King in the back and using powerful mag

ic sacrificed all seven Lords of Sin to empower himself, attempting to tear open the rift in the multiverse to drag back the Traitor Gods of old, the gods who fled the universe and created immense turmoil and war during the Exodus War. He wished to punish them for the death of his lover at the hands of the otherworldly Dwellers. In a dark twist of fate it turns out that the Dwellers although some still exist in their original form, most had reformed as the Hellions themselves.

This backfired as many organisations, nation, gods and heroes arrived to stop him in his own madness. Many individuals made history that day, including the Patch-Work Knight who fell on during the Bay of Blades charge on the Port city he was hiding in, but rose again as The Avatar of the Bladed Prince hence the battles name.

After the battle settled the rift imploded on itself creating a permanent tear in the fabric of the Fading Realm, doubling the size of the material plan as it tore the Barren Lands into it. This new reality is in fact the original form of the realm anciently known as Rhealoth, reborn in the tragedy of the Bay of Blades.

Unfortunately, the Barren Lands are ruled entirely by a noble ruling class of Kalastar, humanoids linked by psychic bond to a Dream Spirit and are led by the Glass King, Dusk. Elves, gnomes (a first seen entity for those of the Fading Realm) and Gorgons are all enslaved in this realm, while the only opposition nations is that of the Feather Hall, which is made up entirely of one species, Vampires.kjdcsadkcsnkd

Your characters will have found themselves on the large neutral swathe of land as the two new realms begin to retest each other’s boundaries. Although tensions are high between the nations of both realms, they recognize that there is a bigger threat in the form of the other realm. An expedition lead by Yarrick Blackblade, the Copper Eyed Crow, the only Vampire alive in the Fading Realm has traveled to the land they have begun calling Valdon (Elven for Fate), bringing with him all manner of men, women and adventures, with the intention of controlling this land for the Fading realm and begin relations with the Barren Land’s forces.

Your characters must be from the Fading realm (see other document for races and classes also see me for new classes and races eg the Kalshani and the Spite Plagued) They can be members of various guilds , part of the military detachment, members of Yarrick’s inner circle or even criminals headed to a new land of opportunity and danger