After this lecture i went and did some research on cyber wars, honestly I was looking for a boring example to site for this blog, something with a flashy name to draw some attention. Instead, I found an article were Major General Marcus Thompson explains that cyberwar isn’t a separate instance of combat in the same way naval and air force is but just a suite for espionage.

As the Head of Australia’s Army Information Warfare Division, I feel comfortable calling him an expert. Here is what interested me the most though: his downplay of its current relevancy even in this cyber dominated day and age.

“We’ve got to be careful not to jump up and down — throw the toys out of the cot — when an internationally normal activity of espionage is being conducted, because others do it too.” this quote honestly resonated with the realist/cynic in me. why bother getting worked up of slightly unethical espionage online when you know you ae simply responding to the norms of the world’s culture?

On the other hand, the casual nature of that response terrifies me.