Last one Travis did you make it through?

In my tweets for this week, I focused on understanding my internet of things the related hardware and software of my content.

The decentralization of information was the point of the lecture that most resonated with me as it spoke to the idea that traditional hardware in relation to information networks is moving into the apartment of antiquity and new technology is pushing its way to the for the front of the line. This has progressed a long way since Ted’s example of the 1960’s invention of surveillance. I appreciated the sudden curveball of the lectures; focusing on the negative consequences of shared networks.

The idea of corporate and state surveillance have, as I have said before; should and does worry a great number of people. It is also, unfortunately, something we cannot really affect anymore as no one will bother giving up their social lives for privacy.

The attaching objects to the internet is something I’ve dealt with in the form of tracker on cows I worked with years ago. Hunting them down for sale often sucked as their owner let them graze in massive unclear paddocks; basically wild land. The trackers told me three things: Alive or Dead, Location and whether they were pregnant.

This experience grants me anSave Meme 8 understanding of iot relevance.