Ideation and Concept Development

The origin of my digital artifact came from an intense sense of envy towards full time streamers, I mean who would not be jealous of  people playing games and doing whatever they want and getting paid. It is basically reality TV.  However I didn’t want to simply submit a recount of a semester of streaming, for several reasons, one because I knew the content might not be super appropriate (I know my mate and the game communities I play in, toxicity is a norm there), so I needed to generate a better idea.

The Idea for a Comparative Essay and Affiliate Program Viability Report was a win in the ideating process. Its benefits were twofold, It allowed me to have a clear end goal for my Digital Artifact and it allowed me to potentially achieve something theorized in the DA; a intro to a streaming career.

Methodology – Formalism and Streamers

I used a formalist approach in my method of research but one that incorporated a more personal approach to analyzing the broad para text of the Streamer Landscape in relation to the Affiliate program. I allowed myself to act as the hero in the mono myth, the main character of a meta narrative and recorded the roles and characteristics that I encountered much like Vladimir Propps and his Russian Fairy-tale analysis. It allowed me to discover roles in the streamer landscape and their level of importance such as:

  • The Moderator (The law of the Stream)
  • The Chat Bot (Spammer)
  • The Back Seat Gamer (Negative Influence)
  • The Requester (Developer of the Community)
  • The Stream Raider (Third Party Interest)

These archetypes existed and framed the research I conducted.

Introduction to Research

As required by the assessment criteria I allowed for a combination of Lecture/Tutorial Sources and Self source articles to inform my opinions and the documents construction.  I selected five key sources reference within the document but had many others included in my bibliography.  These five articles consisted of three lecture sources and two self sourced.

  • Invigorating Play : the Role of Affect in Online Multiplayer FPS Games by
    Christopher Moore (2)
  • Case Study: Australia’s Computer Games Audience and Restrictive Ratings System by Jeffrey E. BRAND, Jill BORCHARD & Kym HOLMES (3)
  • Streaming on Twitch: Fostering Participatory Communities of Play within Live Mixed Media by William A. Hamilton, Oliver Garretson, and Andruid Kerne (4)
  • Streaming media: audience and industry shifts in a networked society by Benjamin Edward Burroughs (5)

Other sources included Espen Aarseth’s Approach to Game Media Analysis which broke down the potential methodologies I would need to analysis the experience.

Utility and Public Use

My digital artifact’s utility is quite self explanatory, as it is literally a document that assess and recommends to young streamers the viability of the path they are beginning. It is primarily an educational document with the intention of easing the transitional period of those who want to go from a full life, during a time where we mostly are not yet indebted or held down by financial burdens to start a career in game media.

Feedback and Project Success

Most of my feedback came from my viewers which for the most part were my friends, so most of my feedback was too soft, thus I relied on opinions and views given to my via Reddit posts and so on. These bits of advice led to my Topic Selection Breakthrough (see the Landscape Analysis section of my DA) and my small bumps of success over the course of the assignment.

It is important to remember (at least so I can save face) that my project’s goal was to compile a Viability report on the Viability of the Affiliate program, the idea was to see if the requirements were realistic for someone in my position. Could a University student allow study, work and streaming to coexist and eventually transition to a full time streamer life style. In this sense I completely succeeded, at least in my opinion. I believe I have compiled a easily understood document that would influence a new streamer in ways I wish I had been upon starting my stream on Twitch.