DA Video

Ideation and Prototyping

So this has been covered by my pitches a couple times but as we under- went some significant changes last minute, I will quickly go over it again for necessities sake. Originally I was attempting to make a story out of a DnD game my friends where planning on playing. Then it changed to simply streaming the game. That recording was going to happen when we picked a date. Unfortunately they all begun flaking on me around the time of the second Pitch due to ‘Uni Work’, I know right how unrealistic. Anyway I set up a back up plan in case i couldn’t get a game recorded before the night of, an instructional guide to generating long term playable characters in DnD. Thus the hour and a half of me talking about elves in a chrome browser was born, you are welcome Travis!

Cyber-Culture Relevance

The relevance of Dungeons and Dragons and other Table Top Games online today is evident in the plethora of fresh podcast, shows and celebrities getting involved. An example of this is the team up of Critical Role and Stephen Colbert. Critical Role is an incredibly successful group of voice actors who play an extended campaign on Twitch and they teamed up with a celebrity for charity to support the Red Nose Foundation.

Methodology – Formalism in Relation to TTG Online

I used a formalist approach in my method of research but one that incorporated a more personal approach to analyzing the broad para text of the TTG Online Landscape in relation to the people playing. The major benefit of this was it allowed me to breakdown the experience and the people involved into almost 2D archetypes which allowed for a faster learning experience. This meant I learnt from Reddit posters and avoided stereotypical situations, right up to the point were my whole crew flaked.

Issues and Solutions

Obviously the big issue was the flaking but again the formalist approach allowed me to recognize that that was a real option for my future and I got ahead of it with a secondary plan for the physical Digital Artifact. Secondary issues branch off in the form of motivational issues, which honestly I seem to write about in every Digital Artefact I do that includes participatory media experiments. It leaves me feeling slightly deterred from the open nature of the media landscape but in the end I know that it comes down to the people you select. I simply need a better group of participants and subjects. I plan on doing this with the future of this project.

Utility and Social Influences

This program is to be utilized by charities and students in order to gain everything from literacy benefits to enhance math skills, not to mention a new yearning to learn. I’m currently betting the Travis did not expect me to end this essay with the claim that it is for young peoples education’s sake over entertainment. Sure that is an element but TTG and Dnd in particular have proven benefits to those fields, think about it, how better to teach your students basic math than have them rob a Rich Merchant NPC and have them div it up themselves or research skills by encouraging them to read up on monster lore to learn weaknesses.

Overall my project was a somewhat success, which is my usual report although I came out of this one with a better overall feeling than any other.