Screening The Scholarships

For my research project I have decided to review/analyse the effect and distribution system of Australian University Scholarships. This topic will encompass everything from academic scholarships to bursaries for accommodation. I will breakdown the demographics most likely to receive scholarships, the reasons why and the level of assistance they provide, that last one will be important as it will require statistics on overall performance of regular paying students as well. I will also analyse case studies of people who have lost there scholarships and review the impact.

I believe that this assignment topic is relevant to the case as scholarships are something all focused students fight for in the end years of high school and again once they get here. For some it is the only way to attend a tertiary level educational institution. For others it is a chance to see the world before beginning their life in the work force.

Additionally, most students assume that the university relies heavily on international students applying to make ends meet, and with Corona-virus affecting the amount of International Students in the area I am interested in discovering what this means for those scholarships left not taken.

I have chosen four starter sources to assist in my project the first of which is my lectures and class resources, which by definition, should assist in my research goals by improving my core research skills.

The second is an article that allows for a quick view of the scholarship landscape in Australia, while also demonstrating an insight into the different opinions in the field. Gavin Moodie’s article in The Conversation touches on the impact on diversity in schools scholarships should have and why he believes that to be an important factor in the distribution of said scholarships. This article is clearly bias, in a moral way, and I find myself wondering if my research should discredit these opinions, diversity in schools is important for well rounded educational growth, but should scholarships be the tool used to implement these changes? A further question for my project.

My third resource is an article from the International Journal of Educational Development by Grant Harman which provides me with several tables of data based on feedback survey that includes financial, social and course information. for hard data this source will be absolute solid in its ability to assist. it also Touches on issues like the language barrier and surrounding issues, something that will help with the previous sources major question.

My final source is actually a UOW research paper called Rethinking Scholarship: Implications for the nursing academic workforce. This paper is specific to a single field of study but one that can impact us massively especially during this period of fear regarding COVID 19.

With these sources in mind I belief I can provide an in depth report on the surrounding major factors of scholarships. It is important to understand I am truly on the outside of this topic, having never recieved a scholarship myself. I have applied for them but never heard back. Not all of my interest comes from this lack of assistance but I also want to see how it could have impacted my final years of University.