This blog post will present a critical analysis of my comments and assistance provided to other members of the BCM 325 community and their project pitches. I comment on three very different Digital Artifacts and presented and each one received a breakdown of what I liked, along with a potential additional source of research/development for their idea.

Comment 1 – Allison Gillespie’s The Space Between the Sky

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comment 1 325

Allison’s Pitch was simple in design, a fictional story series set in the apocalyptic future, used to analyze current technology’s role in the future. As someone who has attempted a story themed DA in the past, (See the OG Weavers and Wyrms Post) I really connected with the idea. She wanted to identify key technological groups that would prevail in the future and use predicted trends to see how accurate this would be.

I was interested in whether or not here science (the predictive trends) would also be based on sci-fi understanding of the future, and how that may impact here work.

I added value to her pitch by presenting her with several non-mainstream storytelling media forums which are considered high quality to base the presentation of her actual podcasts on. With her chosen format the presentation will be equally as important as the content.

Comment 2- Lizzellbee’s Future of AI in Creative Film

Link to page with Comment- https://futurecultures.blog/2020/03/20/bcm-325-future-cultures-digital-artefact-pitch/comment-page-1/?unapproved=2951&moderation-hash=3283cb8d1dab8c1ba9d32a67597eda0c#comment-2951

comment 2 325

Liz’s project is the development of an AI to write short scene scripts and then have them produced and posted on her YouTube. I think this is a project firmly rooted in the ideas of the Future Culture. What could be more Future Cultures than allowing an AI to do your DA? It is great.

My addition to this assignment was to present her with an extra source of media stereotypes/ archetypes that could assist in her AI’s machine learning. This was done by the suggestion she analyzes some Japanese anime which is apparently rich with stereotypical situations.

Comment 3 – Dayle Beazley’s Future of Freelancing

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comment 3 325

Finally, I watched Dayle’s Pitch in which she presents her idea of a long-form set of blog posts discussing the future of the freelance writing industry as of the introduction of COVID 19.

I am a writer as well so I liked the original idea of the presentation, she made it clear that her target audience were current members of the freelancer community and not outsiders, giving me the impression it will be a technical heavy script.

I suggested a sort of behind the scenes series of videos, to humanise and make the reading of the documents something people in her community gravitated to willingly rather than just be a chore to get through. I suggested some TikTok business identities that I felt did this well and left them in my comment.