The Final Part of Assessment 1 is a critical review of the best of my Live Tweet regarding the films we have viewed in class/online due to COVID. In order to check out my tweet please visit @ArkonLive on twitter and peruse. My selection have been made mostly from week 1-3 for reasons I will discuss in the analysis.

Tweet Collection

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So recently (the last two weeks) I’ve actually been stuck in full isolation in Canberra due to illness and getting test for COVID as such I haven’t had the opportunity to live-tweet the last two films although it is on my to-do list.

It is my opinion that my live-tweeting is actually pretty solid. The sit-in sessions really focus the analytical part of the educational experience and allow for easy breakdown and hypothesis development on ideas.

One of my tweets actually received a response from a person who does not attend our course, I went to high school with this person. The tweet in question turned into a sort of min thread that I contributed to, in order to demonstrate involvement with my audience and keep the conversation going.

Not Everyone agrees with the ideas that I posted about during the live-tweeting sessions, Ben Vace for example, felt I was making excuses for the characters in Space Odyssey when I discussed the idea that man was violent before the appearance of the monolith. I don’t exactly understand his outrage but engagement is engagement and just viewing my post is a positive in my book.

Ways I improved the quality of the tweets I was producing over the first three weeks included pre-watching the film and jotting down some basic idea prior to the session, this allowed for more development and worshipping while he film went over areas I had already covered.

My tweets come off too static or as one friend of mine described it ‘educational’, apparently more dynamic, casual language can further improve my engagement with other audience beyond BCM 325. As such I am attempting to make at least two of the ten each week into more joe tweets, an example of which is leopard tweet from week two.

Other required forms of my engagement on twitter for this assignment included retweets, likes and comments. I found our course ideas to be great source of that ‘casual’ element mine missed.

@daylebeazley for example, linked her viewing of Space Odyssey to her binge-watching of The Good Place and even included a gif. It has driven me to see my tweets ack a media element, a gif or image or even a video.

To improve these skill I have implemented a force post structure on TikTok, both improving that ‘casual’ media vide and developing small videos to accompany y tweets from now on.

Thanks for reading and hope you have enjoyed my two blogs.