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For my Game Dev Project I am going to be writing and hopefully printing a hardcopy one-shot Dnd Module adventure. For those not initiated Dungeons and Dragons is played in Campaign, extend periods of time and several arch-like adventure, sometimes injected with ‘one-shot’ scenarios. these are short single/ minimal session adventures that can be played from scratch or adapted for your setting.

My Module will be based in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dnd as it is well established and there is a multitude of places, lore, characters and monsters I can source freely under the Wizards of the Coast fair use Hombrew agreement.

My module will include Dungeon Master notes, battle maps, magic items, NPC’s and a story that can easily be extended into a more vast campaign. I’m hoping people will use this as a starting place for new campaigns and as such it will cover level 1 to 3 with the idea to play three or four sessions and then move on.

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I will be taking inspiration from the recently released Offical Dnd Book ‘Dragon heist of Waterdeep’ which outlines an Adventure set in an urban setting of a large city. My module will have the character begin in the gang riddled, pirate-infested, mage controlled city of Luskan. Built atop the remains of a once-proud orcish nation, the module will have them deal with a newly formed orcish cult backed by a mysterious shadowy figure from the nearby Mire of Dead Men!

I will be using tools like Hombrewery to develop the actual book in the classic and style, as well as DndBeyond for sourcing homebrew materials to place in my adventure. As a semi-regular player and consumer of Dnd, I am super keen to get this project underway.

Also included in my project will be an attempt to generate my own starting base class for characters to chose from. This itself will be incredibly hard to do as most homebrew materials are based on the current classes.

In order to pull this off I will need mechanical knowledge, story generation skills and a healthy amount of playtesting time (I’m gonna force my roommates to play).

Timeline: (This is super basic as I am still researching)

Week 5: Cont. on paper development of ideas for module

Week 6: Learn basic concepts of Homebrewery

Week 7: Source Art / Begin basic playtesting

Week 8: Begin Refinement


Most of my practical research will come for this man, The One the Only: Matthew Mercer!

But beyond my favourite DM, I am also looking at formal academic sources (this is an assignment after all). Austin Reitz’s Realms of Magia is a thesis paper on the use of Role Playing Games as Interactive design systems, how they are improved over time by fine-tuning of the rules while simultaneously keeping original ideas interesting.

Additionally, Sara Allison’s work on the link between RPG games and intrinsic motivation level in youths will also be underlining my work. It details the line between positive reactions to games and the perception of game obsession and will act as a guide for me to analyze the playtest results.

Other internet sources include more of Matt Mercers GM Tips series, the Hombrewery User Guide and as mentioned above Dndbeyond. Of course, information from the lectures will most probably influence and change the work being done in this assignment.

See the two academic article abstracts here

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