Something I suffer from is overthinking tasks and eventually settling for a worse quality assignment for a sense of completion in order to reduce this level of stress. This week focused on ways to avoid this while also teaching us to keep our practice ethical and harm free for the participants (Interviewees).

One such technique was a Gantt Chart, a time management two that takes into account sequence, crossover and milestones and presents it in a visual way. Personally I find Gantt charts to be overly complex for what they produce, I am know by friends, family and co workers as a simple List Guy: Tasks with Check boxes are all i need to accomplish a goal. However the basic principle of time management and time planning transfer across and I Research Whisper Article interesting in how it described how to generate a simple Gantt chart.

Additionally, we covered Australia’s Ethical Research Frame and its four key concepts: Respect, Merit, Justice and Beneficence. I will be perfectly honest I am a bit of a pessimist and often dislike preachy topics like how I should be ethical. I like to think that one’s personal understanding of right and wrong should inform how they complete any given task. However I did benefit from learning the legal aspects of the UOW Ethical Committee. My research topic I believe lies safety in the ethical category and complies with the UOW Human Research Ethics Committee‘s requirements alongside the guidelines in Task 2 and the week 4 green book.

Despite this I don’t understand the requirement to only use BCM 212 students as our research population. I don’t know many people in my degree, I am from Canberra after all. Frankly, I dont have any wish to know strangers, I know people who fit my requirements and as long as they understand the simulation nature of the project (which they do). I plan on doing honours so I understand that HREC is important, I just dont see how limiting my research pool. To remedy this the participants of the interview will be my main focus but they will be coloured by a BCM 212 only Survey presented Via twitter.