This week i focused on the Harvard University Program on Survey Research Development sheet provided in the moodle. I plan on implementing a twitter based survey using some sort of online survey app. In doing this I plan on keeping the important advice presented in mind.

Questions presented will go through the process of testing, everything from Question order, to length and technicality. Things like vague language will need to be voided in order to obtain precise data. Also on board will be a middle ground for close ending question IE yes/ maybe/no as this apparently assists in the graphing of data later on.

Providing references will also be on the agenda, as the questions need to be specific to my topic, scholarships and their effects.

We also covered Quantitative vs Qualitative data and their difference and uses. I go into more detail how it relates to my project in my Project Management sheet in Assignment Two.

Having experienced assignments that require student body input before, I honestly don’t have high hopes for the size of my survey sample (the respondents) but I am keen to make some graphs out of the data and placing them in my portfolio.