This week had a focus on focus groups, keeping task three in mind and analysis of the place of empathy in the interview and research process.

Just quickly I’d like to fill in some review points for my research topic so anyone reading knows it is evolving despite corona virus and all it is entailing:

Topic: Scholarships and their effects

Project Management Plan:

Survey Status: Near Completion

Core Data Type: Qualitative

This topic of empathy and it’s importance takes me back to Ethnography and the BCM class in the previous year. The key idea i took away was the importance of BEHAVING like a researcher. They are an archetype, unbiased and discerning. I always get confused when tutors say this, why would a researcher bother researching something they have no opinion on? By the very nature of looking for answers on a topic you display bias. \

Personally, I am using the techniques we are learning about focus groups on my team of roommates and their significant others, my test subjects for my survey which is still in development. I will be posting my finished survey alongside week 8’s progress report while simultaneously posting it on Twitter and other socials.