If I am completely honest this assignment wasn’t for me, I had trouble finding a focus throughout despite a great interest in my subject matter. This mainly came from a lack of participant involvement in my survey despite my putting up at an early time (could be due to a late revamp that I got any interaction in it at all).

Research for this project came in the form of broad spectrum google scholar searches, which put me on the trail of PSS (Perceived Stress Scale) and Athletic Scholarship knowledge Misinformation Campaign. But with online delivery came small issues, such as no one really needing on campus bursaries, so my two original interview both of whom had such scholarships fell through.

My survey did reach a number of results that I felt held a decent amount of water, 32 to be exact, although I did absolutely become some of my classmates worst nightmares, constantly messaging for results, I don’t understand why making responding part of the final mark wasn’t included in the criteria, they pull it off in other BCM classes in regards to Twitter and other required interaction?

The most important learning experience from this assignment came from Survey Development portion of my iteration. After receiving feedback on my worksheet assignment it became clear I did not know what I was doing, so i re focused on the simplest of themes, our in class survey and re vamped it allowing for a fair and ethical data collecting experience. I didn’t get the in depth personal data the original interview would have garnered but this way it aligned with the assignment requirements.

During this revamp I manipulated question placement and order in an attempt to help me make sense of the results, for example two of the questions features stress indication levels one with a scholarship and one without.  then after answering those I took a break from stress indication before coming back with a query about stress with a specific scholarship requirement. this allowed me to discover if my participants knew much, if anything about the basics of scholarship acquirement or how to keep them.

Overall I found this assignment enlightening but also a slight slog, I felt I had crucial information and skill drilled into me that I will be able to use in my potential Honours application which is something I am greatly keen on.