Pitch 1: TUM-GRY

Yuen Ching Chiu’s Foodie Instagram account is clearly a well thought digital artefact, ideated over several years of BCM classes, and is at a stage where I believe the next steps should be to expand, the question becomes how to do this? Personally, I believe that entering the market could improve both audience accessibility and viewership. By entering the market I mean, developing a way to make money off the individuals who frequent the account, specifically in my view through merchandise, such as T-shirts with the logo on it, mugs, chopsticks with little engraved logos and so on. Although it is quite a core capitalist concept, making money involves spending some, and at this stage of our BCM career’s, we should (again just in my opinion) have moved on from the concepts of avoiding spending anything on our DA success. Sites like Fiverr and threadless could be employed to generate a small stock of merch to be sold/raffled off to followers of the account who would use them at home/at uni which theoretically acts as a sort of advertisement.

Part 2 Swordplay

Elena Bowzic’s swordplay digital artefact is interesting as it has the potential to act as a resume buffer, and to be honest I have limited notes. The primary note being that I believe that the DA itself is a little vague, how is success to be measured, how will growth be measured?

The DA itself does need some more parameters, if not just to match the assignment criteria then to put the administrators at ease, the direction should always be clearly defined.

Minor ideas include how you could structure the weekly media cycles, perhaps with a twice-monthly montage to the socials, using the pre-mentioned archived footage, reaction videos from your experts on popular culture examples of swordplay or even exerts of said plays.

Any way both these DA’s are well put together and seem to be well managed.