I think that this project is the final example of my inability to initially incorporate the FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, Tiny) ideology into an early form of my assessment, frankly, it is a good thing I FEFO’d so often in the early stages of seeking feedback. 

I have to be honest, Finding a reliable feedback loop for outside the class has always been a significant challenge in these Digital Artifact assignments, this might be due to not having a significant following previously to attending University. So open forums like Reddit, become my fallback, but the front page of the internet is heavily policed for a seeming bastion of freedom of speech, I would find a writing sub reddit and as soon as I posted something I receive a message telling me it wasn’t allowed? As a student of media society, I feel as if I should not be surprised by the seeming hypocrisy of internet social circles, it is as much a defining feature as it is a pain in the back. 

This project iteration came about due not only to lack of meaningful/insightful feedback but also because a self re-evaluation of what resources I wanted to leave University with. I graduate (hopefully) in February, and beginning my career as a content creator and novelist didn’t seem to make sense without a sort of rough first copy portfolio. The blog may be called the TTH Blog but in its most basic form it is a graveyard for drafts, and world building notes.

Overall, as final DigitalArtifacts go this one wasn’t my worst iterated one, at this point in previous DA’s my reflection would be about how my DA had failed and I would try again next time, but not only is there not a next time but this DA hasn’t failed it has actually successfully morphed into something it didn’t start out as.