Peer Review Part 2 (500 words) (250 Each)

Harrison East – Discord and Twitch

Hey Harrison,

Consistency is a key theme in the construction of this Digital Artifact, made evident by the project dogged familiarity from its project pitch. Clearly this project’s iterations have been focused on core improvement. For example the development of the Discord from an empty space you control to one where followers congregate to discuss anything they please, the example you displayed being their pets.

With most stream Digital Artefacts I find that the project finds itself plateauing out once the creator reaches a set pace, consistency is fantastic but needs to be combined with advertising to make a draw. To be more specific I mean self advertising. My suggestion therefore is as it always is with these types of DA’s: Start a Youtube or Tik Tok and post every clip you can. You said your stream featured gaming, so put together a weekly montage or depending on how much you play a daily one. Post it on these platforms with a small intro and then edit it for some quality assurance.

This could generate a new audience who then seek out your stream for more content. It is this new audience that will allow you to do things like start new games or change your style as new faces are subject to new content. Any content creator will tell you that project innovation, once on the market needs to be accompanied by an influx of viewers to make up for those who would leave once you change the stream.

All the Best, Drew

Shalya Nancy Carl – Blog on Female Athletes  

Hey Shayla, 

Based on your project pitch and beta presentation, I would assume that due to a struggling feedback loop and content publication issue, you need a quick win to get your project back on the rails. We have worked on projects together in the past so I know that you can edit videos to a level of decency one would expect from a industry professional. My suggestion would be take whatever you have got and publish it to your blog, drafts and all, then spend a chunk of time developing a hook, a video that is featured on your homepage, like an ad for the blog itself. This can be posted on the bcm twitters to pull some draw to the site allowing for some feedback to appear for the final submission.

Your only real issue is a lack of physical content. Your idea is quite steady, recently I discovered the best way to score an interview with someone is to interview everyone underneath that individual.

Also no need to worry the lack of content, not only has COVID impacted the availability of your interviewee’s but failure to fully develop a DA is a DA unto itself. Your constant attempts to iterate are the overall learning objective of this task in my mind at least. 

At least three of my DA’s have ended in so called failure

All the Best, Drew