BCM 313 Future of Work is one of those classes I originally felt would simply be a tool to develop my essay writing skills, throw a couple in and forget about it, however over the course of the class I have come to the conclusion that it has realigned my understanding of my potential place in the workforce. Deciding what to do after my degree is complete is something that has been dogging me as graduation looms. Uncertainty is something that could cripple an effective career path and I am coming to a point of zero return as it were.

I worked my way through University, and that has given me a reliable perspective in terms h=of worker condition. It isn’t mentioned in my narrative CV but blatant corruption and abuse of part time workers are something that I have had an incredible amount of experience with. Alongside a passion for leftist causes I feel like a position in progressive politics is something that is inevitably in my future. 

I have found this class enlightening concepts I had heard of but never looked closely at have broadened my understanding, like outsider witnesses, unpaid labour/ exploitation and the absent but implicit principle. I need to take what this class has broadened in my knowledge and deepen it to round out my understanding. 

Overall I not only enjoyed this class but recognise the immense impact it will have on my prospects as internship requests become a possibility.