Personal Reflection – Cerberus EXPO Presentation

My group, Goddamn Jimmy pulled off in my opinion yet another succinct, effective and convincing  presentation. Last time I did a personal reflection on this group and by extension the previous expo I had nothing  but good things to say about them, which is a continuing theme and this reflection.  not only did each and every member of the group contribute fair  and quality work,  but this time they did so in a faster time frame then they did  during our last pre-presentation. 

We were given the paws for a protection brief from another group and as the requirement was to improve upon the original brief we decided to use what we felt was  a winning formula  from our original expo concept. We did this by taking the organisational structure that we had implemented into the presentation and conceptualised new ways for it to work with this paws for protection brief. For example my role in the last expo was to play a sort of hacker identity who we nicknamed the troll King and gave a bunch of backstory,  however this time I played a vet who had to help our experimental dogs become the sentinels of security we wanted them to be.  This meant that might take it a portion of the expo required me to research actual vets statistics  and common illnesses that canines may suffer from. 

Much the same as last time most of our work was quite detached from one another and then within the last 2 weeks we came together and formulated a presentation plan with what we had.Even though this took the risk of potentially the railing the whole presentation of someone had it done quality work it wasn’t a worry as each and every member of the group at proven that their work would always be at the scratch them and what they were doing,  examples of this band I know two members of my group were actually traveling at time and yet somehow they both produced the video concepts for the presentation. 

The big learning experience that I believe our group took away from this was the effectiveness of a winning formula,  and how manipulating new data to A winning formula can produce an even better product. Being in attendance for the other presentations during the expo gave us exposure to other groups and how they had dealt with the briefs,  and n another superior part of my team members what’s the preparedness that we had for after presentation questions,  we had looked through the last groups Google doc and seen specifically the issues that they had not been able to address and decided it was a safe bet that Aaron was going to ask those of us to make sure that we had read the material given to us.

Overall this presentation in my eyes was another great win and as it’s one of my last I’m glad that this group experience was something that I can look back on with a positive outlook yep