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Discord Terms of Service- A Guide to Decency

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These Terms of Service are to be superseded by the official Discord Terms and Conditions of Service listed below, they act Simply as Guide Lines for the members of the team:

Personal Terms of Service

The Members of the Arkon Agency are beholden to a set of rules listed as follows. breaking faith with these rules will result in removal from the Discord

Originality/Fair Use

Any content posted in public text chat domains, must be either completely original, a variation or properly cited in order to avoid potential copyright

Civility and Decency Clause

Although the Discord will undoubtedly be for humorous reasons, it is a requirement of all participants and employees, including admins, to respect the wishes of other members. This isn’t to say that all posts will be monitored but if a complaint is issued to the core admin (Arkon) it will be dealt with on a disciplinary level, potentially resulting in the previously¬† mentioned removal of rights and/or powers or an outright demotion within the Discord. Admins have the ability to remove individuals who regularly post potentially offensive content or seem to have posted with the intention of provoking a negative or argumentative reaction

Membership Policy

Under no circumstances can anyone within the Discord, whether they be Admin or newcomer, promote anyone else to an admin position without first consulting the core admin (Arkon). Doing so compromises the functions of the Discord as Admin positions, like the ones held by the core admin and team, can manipulate the abilities of other groups within the Discord, delete work, or modify permissions. The Penalty for this action is immediate removal from the discord.

By Joining/Being apart our Discord you Agree to…

The action of joining our discord (after being assigned a role) means agreeing to the potential posting of your on screen nickname and post content on Arkon Agency social media platforms. These will never be to shame individual who has broken rules or posted inappropriately, but will be used to showcase the ‘wholesomeness’ of our community and how we get along. Funny jokes, memes or videos posted many be shared online but will always be cited and credit will always be given to the poster.

In Regards to Bots

Discord allows for the creation of minor bots that post regularly, like an alarm clock. If any admin or similarly associated role generates a bot with the intention of maintaining a false presence within the Discord, they will be subject to disciplinary actions.

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