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Emergent Media Contextual Essay

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Iteration 1: Weekly Story

Originally my Digital Artefact was to be a regularly posted concept, something that I could work on each week alongside my online presence commitments. It was also supposed to have large section of narrative impacted by a Reddit based communities input and opinion.  The Medium of blog style post was supposed to create an atmosphere of regularity, allowing the story to be in a state of meandering constant Meta narrative. This would mean it would never have a true ending, and the audience could break the story up into arches based on their own personal viewing patterns.

I was originally inspired by my interest in fantasy writing and my weekly dungeons and dragon’s game. This inspiration is one of the only things that made it all the way into the final iteration.

Iteration one was by far my personal favorite version and if I could have actualized this I would have. Obviously the workload was not exactly on the same wavelength as FIST. It wasn’t a fast process to write 1000 words a week on top of my other classes. It wasn’t a simple process to design an ever expanding story and story universe and a full never ending story isn’t tiny in any way. Personally I think although the idea of Community driven was innovative concept and would have secure an awesome Digital Artefact if I hadn’t run into the problems I did with iteration No. 2.

Iteration 2: Tri Story Community Influenced

In this period of my Digital Artefact I had decided that the workload was too much, I had several stories starts and nothing I really enjoyed. I began running with the idea that I would write three mini stories and post them in towards the end of the time allotted alongside much of the opinions from the Reddit community it was here that I faced the largest problem to my second iteration. I posted my stories in a couple of subreddits, which was an effort as I had never used Reddit and required karma before I could post anything. Most of the subreddits removed my posts after a while due to various rules that seemed incredibly obtuse and counterproductive to even the name of the subreddit. I received perhaps the most scathing reviews anyone has ever received. At least that’s how it felt, I showed the worst of it in my second pitch presentation. It was a constant barrage of negativity. It was framed in such a way that I could no longer consider the content I had created worthy of submission.

Iteration 3: Single Story

My final submission is a single short story, or the beginnings of one. Act one of Weavers and Wyrms is a peek behind the curtains of what I really wanted to achieve. It is story influenced by my weekly Dnd game and is hopefully going to be something I continue to add to over the course of next session. It takes ques from other popular media in order to succeed, such as a language/conversation technique similar to that of other young adult novels (example: Percy Jackson). As a slight experiment I stole some art from Pinterest and Tumblr to allow a most defined look at the character, the idea being that at least the people mad I stole the art will have to come read it.

Overall it is a key failure on my part in the generation of content on too slow a schedule in the first place, meaning that I could have produced iteration 1, something more worthy of critique. I think the most relevant thing my assignment produced was a sense of understanding in regards to the palpable impact of a negative feedback loop. It can completely derail any plan with just the psychological draining it can cause.

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