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Say Hello To the Arkon Agency- Contextual Essay and Access

Access to The Discord

Below is a Link to the Discord, you will be added as a temporary member and placed in a separate text channel to that of the permanent team. Please DO Not Spam. If you are the tutor Marking this DA be aware that this process is how the public can access my DA and as such anyone can enter here. This links existence is simply to satisfy the assignment condition that the DA must be ‘available online’ which kind of doesn’t apply to a mostly private Discord Space.

The Link:

Contextual Essay: The Final Result

Summary/ Background

The Arkon Agency, my Digital Artefact, started as an electronic education company, devolved into a people management example and crashed and burned finally as an almost podcast content sourcing Discord. It garnered no solid results bar the generation of a place my immediate friends and I met, memed and watched the League of Legends Finals; Worlds in Korea. The original intention was for a group of friends to generate video gaming recordings and post YouTube videos and stream on Twitch. That fell through for reasons I’ll touch on later, but it lead to the idea that my Discord could just be the Digital Artefact itself. It was to be a well managed place of hard work and predictable results, and became the exact opposite again for reasons to be touched on later. I thought this would be an effective use of my time as it was something i was already in the process of generating the idea. I developed this by first setting out feelers among my friends with the intention of finding out who would be interested, something that would bite me when it came time to implement the ‘making’ element of the Digital Artefact.


Analysis of Learn Situations

Two major issues arose from my Discord idea and both were ultimately responsible for the downfall of my Digital Artefact. The first was that it didn’t really allow for the use of Fail Early Fail Often, this was due to the restricted number of people who had access to it and their willingness to give feedback. The second reason was that my teammates had little to no drive or enthusiasm. None of them worked, or attended university but none saw any reason to record content for me while they played video games, despite the fact that is what the where doing anyway. They were not being paid, and it turned out that the promise of potential partnerships with big brand games later on wasn’t enough to get them to regularly send me any content to make into videos or even make the work space seem like a work space at all. rhbvjudhfvbjufdvjhf.PNG

Feedback mostly came from my limited team as i said, but my person feelings of the assignment also dictated some major changes, such as the lack of work forcing me to rescind the purchase of Discord Nitro, something i paid for personally to help drive the conversation so to speak. I felt that it was being squandered, and its removal was a point in which even less work was done.

In regards to the reading I didn’t really find anything that could cure laziness, which I know is harsh but i was on the entire teams back about this thing and none of them cared. In hindsight basing my DA on the volunteer contribution of my friends was a less than smart idea.

In conclusion, my Digital Artefact was a practice run, one that allowed me to become and run a team of people, who produced goo work, if not enough of it. What we did accomplish was a clear understanding of what we can do without the need for incentive, and what direction the Arkon Agency will be heading in the future. Shout casting. Unbeknownst to me, my team loves watching video games being played as much as they love playing them, and we have over the last two weeks been watching professional games and commentating over them. We have no final copy or a draft of a plan but their is a sense of enjoyment this task has that allows for banter and fun times. So stay tuned, the Arkon Agency is sure to return bigger and better than before.

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